2014 WTO Public Forum: Innovation, IP and the role of informal sectors in Africa’s development

wtopublicDuring the upcoming 2014 WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Open AIRWTIUNCTADIDEAS Centre and ICTSD will jointly organise a panel discussion. The session will look at the role of innovation and IP in Africa’s development process as well as how partners can contribute with improved technology transfer and better targeted technical assistance. Specific reference will be made to innovation in the informal economies and their contribution to Africa’s share in international trade. In the majority of African countries, the informal economy remains predominant. Most African countries are LDCs, exempted from most TRIPS obligations until 2021. Yet a number of African countries seek to use IP to generate greater value added for their agricultural products (such as coffee), traditional knowledge and genetic resources through, for example, the use of trademarks and geographical indications. Africa’s informal sectors are particularly adept at appropriating knowledge to facilitate rapid and locally relevant innovation.


• Taffere Tesfachew, UNCTAD

• Pedro Roffe, ICTSD

• Dick Kawooya, Open AIR, University of South Carolina,

• Tobias Schonwetter, Open AIR; IP Unit, UCT