Multilateral Matters

This is the home page of our Multilateral Matters series of blog posts by Wend Wendland.

Multilateral Matters describes and analyzes international developments related to intellectual property, innovation, development and public policy. Each blog aims to explain – in an accessible, conversational manner – an ongoing multilateral intellectual property negotiation or unresolved policy issue and why it matters.

This page assembles all the blogs posted so far. Further below, it also provides a non-exhaustive selection of additional readings and new documents that appear or I become aware of since the blogs were first published.

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Additional readings and relevant documents

On multilateralism generally

David M. Malone and Rohinton P. Medhora “International Cooperation: Is the Multilateral System Helping”, CIGI Papers No. 218, June 2019

MM#1 Achieving Positive Outcomes in International IP Negotiations

Wend Wendland, ‘International Negotiations at WIPO on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions: Analysis of the Process So Far and Thoughts on Possible Future Directions’ (2018) 114 Intellectual Property Forum 31

“Getting from Stand-off to Trade-off” Presentation by Wend Wendland, May 9, 2019

MM#2 Biopiracy on the High Seas? Negotiations on Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

Bonfanti, A and Trevisanut, S “TRIPS on the High Seas: Intellectual Property Rights on Marine Genetic Resources”, 37 Brook.J. Int’l. (2011)

President’s Aid to Negotiations December 2018

MM#3: Copyrighting Culture? Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions

Vezina, B., “Curbing Appropriation in the Fashion Industry”, CIGI Papers 213, April 2019

Frederiksson, Martin “Between Intellectual and Cultural Property: Myths of Authorship and Common Heritage in the Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions”, Cultural Analysis, Vol 17, 2019